Staff Directory

Office Staff
Asta Sepetys - Principal
Rich Moyer - Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Rose Davey - Administrative Assistant
Cathy Yasick - Secretary
Tammy Shaffer - Guidance Secretary/District Registrar

Instructional Staff
Gina Ademino - MS Band/General Music
Megan Bilskemper - MS/HS Family and Consumer Science
Don Black - Business Education/Marketing
Paul Bodilly - MS Math/Science/Computers
Zackary Colby - MS/HS Physical Education
Andrew Cole - MS/HS English
Megan Crowe - Special Education MS
Mike Dahlman - MS/HS English
Jacquelyn Frost - Interventionist MS
KaSandra Gehrke - MS/HS Physical Education
Natalie Goebel - MS/HS Art
Karen Green - MS/HS Speech and Language
Aniela Haas - MS/HS Band/Choir
Kathy Haig - HS English 
Nickolas Harrison - MS/HS Math/Science Teacher
Kalpana Kanwar - HS Math
Kim Houser - MS/HS Agricultural Education/Careers
Mike Hruby - MS/HS Spanish
Dan Jergens - HS Science
Joe Marx - HS Science 
Tracy Powell - MS/HS Special Education
Dave Purdy - HS Math
Sue Sansone - HS Special Education
Shelly Schaub - MS Science/Current Events
Dawn Schlick - MS Language Arts/Social Studies
Melissa Schmitt - MS Language Arts/Social Studies
Heather Schomber - MS/HS Special Education
Dawn Statz - MS Math/Social Studies
Trevor Steiner - MS/HS Social Studies
Todd Stelzel - MS/HS Technology Education
Nick Winters - MS/HS Social Studies
Kurt Wong - MS/HS Guidance Counselor 

District Wide Staff
Josie Geishirt – Reading Support/Specialist
Sandy Churchill – Library/LMC Director 
Katy Howe- Nurse

Support Staff
Rosemary Doescher - Educational Assistant
Janice Doyle - Educational Assistant
Sherri Hering - Educational Assistant
Cindy Page - Educational Assistant
Mary Ripp - Educational Assistant 
Heather Roberson - Educational Assistant
Lisa Theis - Educational Assistant
Stacey Thomas - Educational Assistant
Sandy Wallenkamp - Educational Assistant
Melinda Ziegler - Educational Assistant

Food Services Staff